Therapy Team Updates

New Occupational Therapist

Meet Danii, our new Occupational Therapist (OT).  Here she is engaging James from Elm Class in his fun weekly one to one Occupational Therapy session.

 Assistant Psychologist comes to play!

Anne, our Assistant Psychologist, has started to join our staff during one or two lunch-breaks a week,with the aim to engage our pupils in child-led games. The playground offers an ideal environment for this child-centred approach in which Anne can be seen chasing or being chased by the more extroverted pupils and imitating or being imitated by those who appear more introverted or are by themselves. She has already established some playful routines with a few of our pupils and is thriving to expand those games over time. In these pictures, she is playing a “blowing” game with Ben from Oak class, whereby both are blowing in turns and enjoying each other’s company!