Meet Our Team


  Our on-site Wellbeing Team is a multi-disciplinary group that includes Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational therapy, Music therapy and Family Liaison support. Together we aim to support learners, staff and our families with the training, support and resources to develop functional life skills for our learner’s current and future wellbeing.

I will be supporting issues that a learner might be experiencing relating to their ‘occupations’ within both the school and home environments. Usual occupations for children include eating, toileting, dressing, brushing teeth, sleeping, going to school and engaging fully in learning and play.
One area that I can support a lot for those with autism is ensuring that sensory needs are recognised and accommodated for within the physical and social environments to support occupational participation. This can be very important within a classroom environment to support the learners in reaching and maintaining the ‘just right’ level of arousal for curriculum access.

I am the Family Liaison Lead and Thrive Practitioner. My role involves working with families and the local authorities, CAMHS and Social Services. I work as being a bridge between school and home. I engage with families by holding meetings at school, organising social events such as summer fairs.