Pupil Progress Reports

We’d like to thank the parents of our pupils who’ve contributed to these reports to help other parents and professionals.

Please click on the links below to read about the progress our pupils have made at Kestrel House School.


“The level of care and development for him is important to us, and at Kestrel House it is very good – I can’t fault them in any way.” (Ben’s Dad)

Ben’s Story


“Elijah is very comfortable in his classroom now and he has his own specific area of the classroom with his desk and his own area. The clear routine at Kestrel means Elijah is aware of what is expected of him and he is certainly learning more.  (Elijah’s Mum)

Elijah’s Story


Jessie’s parents had a fight to have her autism recognised and then battle for her to have appropriate support and education by securing a place for her at Kestrel House.

Jessie’s Story


Louis is about to move across to mainstream education after early intervention brought outstanding results. His Mum, who is a pediatrician, says she has learnt a great deal from the staff team with strategies to continue at home.

Louis’ Story


Zyed’s parents say being autism specific gives pupils real hope for their children, and they single out one to one sessions with the therapy team as a real benefit. His progress at Kestrel House has exceeded the School’s high expectations.

Zyed’s Story


Brian is a teenager with very complex needs.

The “Team around the Child” approach has incorporated his whole support network at Kestrel House School with excellent results.  His Mum says he’s able to access everything he needs, make progress and be happy.

Brian’s Story


“I feel so confident when he is at school: he is making so much progress.” (Gent’s Mum)

Gent’s Story