Kestrel House School Curriculum 2019 – Thinking and Learning Differently

The Kestrel House Semi-Formal Curriculum has an overarching theme of nurturing learning through exploration, thinking differently and making a difference to progress. Learners at Kestrel House are unique in that they join our school with a wide scope of needs which needs a very different and bespoke approach. The curriculum is based on the Success For All Curriculum but has been tailored specifically to the needs of our learners.

The learners define the curriculum and this is why it is constantly being reshaped, redefined and refined to meet their needs. It feels right, that now is the time to introduce something new to Kestrel House which I believe will give a wealth of learning opportunities and new experiences for every learner. The school ethos of ‘Thinking and Learning Differently will challenge every member of the Kestrel House Community to have different attitudes and values around Special Needs Education.

In collaboration with the class communities, this process has now started and the following curriculum plan is an overview of how the curriculum coverage will ensure that there is real impact on the progress that our learners make over time.

The process of devising the new curriculum has been a reflective process which has challenged leadership and management, the quality of teaching and learning, the need for collaboration across the phases and most importantly the entitlement of every child. All learners will follow the same curriculum theme to create a whole school learning identity, however the personalized learning maps will define what the learning will look like for each child.

The curriculum will be delivered through the following areas:

  • Numeracy

  • Literacy

  • Science and Investigation


  • Creative and Expressive Arts  My Creativity

  • Communication “ Having my say

  • Physical and Sensory  – Myself and my body

  • Life Skills and Independence


Informal and Semi-formal Pathways:

IP: Learners who are attaining at the lower Pre Key Stage levels Former P2-5. This pathway would be most suited to learners in Oak, Maple and Elm class.

SP: Learners who achieving at Pre Key Stage levels to National Curriculum Yr 1. This pathway would be for learners in our more able classes who are working towards AQA Pre -Entry Level Awards.

Structure of the day:

Class time tables will be constructed around the principal that learning is about transferrable skills and therefore every moment is a learning opportunity and that these opportunities have a sharper focus on the 4 areas of need:

  • Cognition and learning

  • Physical and Sensory

  • Social Emotional and Mental Health

  • Communication and Interaction

This means that at all points, the personalised targets will always lead back to the EHCP outcomes. It will also mean that as a school, we can begin to quality assure the additional therapy and family resource input, and recognize, moderate and evaluate what the learning should look like and how progress and achievement can be maximized as the Wellbeing Team support with planning around the targets at the start of each term. They begin to connect their input to class-based learning through shared medium term curriculum planning.

Deeper Learning:

The curriculum is broad and flexible. It supports the development of leadership skills within the classroom. It also gives wider capacity for collaborative planning across the school with opportunities during Teacher Accountability weeks to plan together and ensure that there is greater transparency in curriculum planning and delivery. Learners begin to engage in and understand themes at a deeper level as themes become fully embedded through learning opportunities beyond the classroom through trips and visits.

The curriculum is enriched. The learning comes to life and as a school we begin to “Think and Learn Differently.”