Referrals & Admissions

Our Admissions Criteria

Pupils who attend Kestrel House School:

  • will have a diagnosis of Autism or Asperger’s syndrome
  • will have a statement of Special Educational Needs
  • will have Kestrel House School named in Part 4 of their statement with the support of their parents/carers and their local authority. Private fee paying families are also welcome.
  • can be admitted into Kestrel House School at any time during the academic year

Our Admissions Procedure

What Do You Do Next……

The HeadTeacher supported by the multi-disciplinary team, has responsibility for admissions to Kestrel House school with supporting advice.

The Admissions Process follows certain steps:

  • The local authority or parents send a copy of the statement or proposed statement to Kestrel House School.  The Admission Panel makes a preliminary decision on the basis of the information received from the local authority/parent
  • If this information suggests that a placement would be appropriate then a home/school visit will be arranged. This will be undertaken by members of the multidisciplinary team and/or Head Teacher.
  • Following a successful observation we invite prospective pupils into school for a taster visit.
  • The Kestrel House admissions panel will meet and decide whether a place will be offered or not.
  • Placement will be agreed if:
  • the school can meet the pupil’s needs
  • there is a vacancy within an appropriate group
  • the placement is compatible to the interests of the pupils already in the class
  • it constitutes an efficient use of available resources

If significant or challenging behavior or significant difficulties are identified which may require additional support or resources there may be a need for additional placement costs. If this is the case, these will be calculated on an individual basis details of which will be clearly set out and explained.

We will contact the pupil’s family and discuss arrangements for admission.