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Working with Families

At Kestrel House School a key aim is to offer our parents ongoing support and advice. Kestrel House School staff operate an ‘open door’ policy so that parents can phone the school and/or make an appointment to visit the school whenever they need to.

Parents have access to the specialist advice and knowledge of the staff. Ongoing training and support sessions are available to all parents/family members.

Parents are encouraged to:

  • be closely involved in the setting of targets for their children
  • attend parents’ evenings and their child’s annual review
  • contact their child’s class teacher through a home/school liaison book, phone or email if preferred

Useful Links

Parent Liaison Officer

As a Parent Liaison Officer I have extensive knowledge in the field of Autism as well as the services and programmes that we offer through Acorn Care and Education. I operate in close partnership with our current and prospective parents, Local Authorities, a network of Parent support groups as well as all Acorn schools and residential settings.

My knowledge and experience comes from years of teaching, both in special and mainstream settings from Nursery age through to Primary and Secondary age. I have done work in care provisions specialising in Autism, transition work as well as advising and setting up home based educational programmes.

As Parent Liaison Officer I can offer you support and guidance on:

  • Our Admissions Process
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunals
  • Funding and Signposting of Support groups

Please do not hesitate to get in touch on 07714178707 or email

Lina Leandro

What do our parents think about Kestrel House School?

This is what they said in a recent consultation to gather their views.

“The teaching staff are really supportive and really strong – they engage with the children in a loving way, they are passionate about what they do and really want the best for each pupil, thinking really hard about each child and what they need.”

“The school provides a great facility and is really well set up. The small size of the school is one of its strengths and that its sole focus on children with autism means that the quality of care and education the children receive is highly specialised.”

“The staff and standard of teaching and the way the individual needs of pupils are tirelessly met are the three best things about the school.”

“The school is totally accepting and supportive of the needs of the children, and unlike other special schools, matching pupils to ability rather than age is a really good thing to enable development. One of the best things about the school is its attitude: calm, friendly and inclusive.”

“The quality of communication and paperwork is one of the best things about the school, creating a ‘back and forth’ relationship in which parents and teachers can share successes, challenges and support strategies.”

“Communication is really good / excellent – it is easy to see teachers and they always find the time to talk to parents when parents needed them to.”

“Communication is also very personal, always followed up and parents feel that they are always informed.”

“Parents really appreciated that the Multi Disciplinary Team also share ideas for how to support children at home, meaning that the approach is consistent and ‘joined up’ between home and school.”

Quotes from parent interviews:

“The teachers are just amazing. The Multi Disciplinary Team is very good. I can’t say anything bad about the school! It couldn’t be any better.”

“As a result of the Multi Disciplinary Team’s understanding, my child can stay in school, is calm, happy and able to learn. For the first time in years, my child is beginning to develop academic skills. Before Kestrel, my child couldn’t sit at a table.”

“We always feel listened to and the Head is very good at communicating with us.”

“Many special schools aren’t as specialist as they say they are. Kestrel House is full of specialist knowledge!”