Facilities & Resources

Our school is housed in what was Dame Judy Dench’s Mountview Theatre School on Crouch Hill. The entire building was renovated and redesigned to meet the needs of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


Our classrooms are designed to be calm, organised and distraction free. Each classroom is spacious, airy and fully equipped to include individual climate control, high frequency non-flicker lighting and internet connected interactive white boards.

Multi Disciplinary Team

Our onsite multi disciplinary team consists of an Occupational Therapist, a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and a Clinical Psychologist. The work of this team seamlessly supports every aspect of the education and intervention at Kestrel House. Within the first initial weeks after a pupil is placed at Kestrel House, the MDT each carry out detailed observations and assessments. The MDT then will meet with classroom staff who have carried out educational baseline assessments and together IEPs and behaviour support plans will be agreed and drawn up and these will then be continuously reviewed, monitored and updated.

Sensory Room

Our Sensory Room provides opportunities for students to develop their sensory awareness in terms of touch, sight, sound, movement (vestibular) and body awareness (proprioception). Each class teacher has training with the Senior Occupational Therapist on how to use the Sensory Room; this includes how to use it as a multisensory approach to help access the curriculum by linking the teachers’ goals, lesson plans and themes to a sensory activity.

The sensory room is also used as part of individualised programmes and small groups to help our pupils achieve and maintain a calm alert state, ready to access their curriculum and maximise independence.

Movement Room

The movement room is used to increase and promote our pupils’ gross motor, fine motor, motor planning and sensory skills. Lessons in the movement room are designed and monitored by our Senior Occupational Therapist. Pupils who use the movement room do so as either part of an individualised Occupational Therapy programme or in small groups. Trained staffwork with pupils to develop their skills in relation to balance, co ordination, catching, throwing, sequencing, attention and independence.

Life Skills Room

Within our life skills room pupils are able to access food technology and as they get older to develop independent living skills and practice tasks such as washing, ironing and cooking.

Green Rooms

As well as a calm space in each classroom, on each of the three floors where we have classrooms situated there is a green room. Our green rooms offer pupils a quiet space where they can relax and take time out of the bustle of the classroom or playground when it becomes too overwhelming for them. We work towards pupils developing the self awareness to request access to the green rooms themselves and find that this greatly supports pupils in managing their own behaviour and regulating their emotions and reactions.

Our green rooms are only ever used as a positive and supportive intervention and are never used as a punitive measure under any circumstance. If a pupil accesses a green room they are supported by a member of staff at all times.